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Have you ever wanted to paint a great picture but lack of drawing practice skills or your busy life has meant that the opportunity to express the hidden talent within you has almost gone and it would seem that you would never have the chance to simply Paint without having to do a very complex drawing at the start of your project.Has the frustration of drawing realistic pictures put you off  that masterpiece you have in your head.Did you think you would never succeed?

Well Now YOU CAN! thanks to :

Use your Printer to print out one of our pictures onto watercolour paper  

 The Drawing is just a faint but accurate picture ready for you to Paint without worrying about composition or perspective.

This is how you do it!

Using the NEW Print & Paint range of  books from Charlesart.com

YOU TOO can produce beautiful paintings without the problems of Drawing and Composition which is normally associated with fine art

Just simply

From this

To this

These are not just ordinary books, but living breathing books that are just like animated and pop-up books that allow you to see an enlarged picture in feint black which you can print out and draw over if you wish to change it or you may wish to paint it exactly as it is. There is also in Famous Ships sea shanty music if you have a need to dance the hornpipe. Also there are stories about some of the exploits that happened to these ships. In Birds in Landscape and Famous Ships there are Coloured Paintings giving you examples of how YOU might like to paint them. These can also be printed out in full colour by you.

The other two print and paint books that come in this very special offer have a few coloured pictures but they are mostly black and white drawings of well known birds and animals. Domestic & Wild Animals was originally going to be sold with Animal Tales for the younger market but, we thought as the drawings were good enough to paint we should bundle them together and make this one time offer together with Printing & Painting Birds  and also offer a

further bonus of four more books.









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The 1st book  we will see is: FAMOUS SHIPS

This book has a lot of well known ships for you to paint after printing your choice out on your home printer onto a suitable painting paper

The next book in the range is called :

Birds in Landscape

By Using A4  (210 x 297mm 180gsm Watercolour Paper or any A4 on your computer printer. It is a very simple procedure to print out the drawing that you wish to colour.

These drawings are meant to print very light so you can paint over them in your own style without having to worry about perspective or drawing skills.This will allow you to paint a very professional looking painting.

“The end result, is a very nice painting that you can sign as your own work of art.”




birds in landscape intro.jpg

These drawings are meant to print very light so you can paint over them in your own style without having to worry about perspective or your drawing skills.This will allow you to paint a very professional looking painting

Although we recommend watercolour paper especially for water paints and gouache, you can of course use ordinary printer paper or card if you  wish to print a picture out for children or students.


We believe art is for everyone to enjoy and whether you are just giving yourself an easy way to paint great pictures without the hassle of drawing or just want to teach your children how to colour in. This book is for you!

The fourth Book is :

Print & Paint Birds

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nd I always wanted to

Paint Realistic Pictures

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Our third Book is called:

Domestic & Wild Animals

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“Print Great Pictures From Our Books

Paint Them In Your Own Artistic Style

Produce And Frame Your Masterpiece”

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Here are your Bonus Books